01.10.2010 Wersja do druku

Warsaw. With head in the clouds

Date: 2,3 and 9,10 October 2010 from 11:00 to 19:00
Place: Vistula River Bank near Świetokrzyski Bridge and the Warsaw's Mermaid Statue

The Fundation for Social and Cultural Activities invites to a Delikates Theater performance 'With head in the clouds'. Two language versions allow both Warsaw citizens and English-speaking visitors to take part in this play. It is a premiere of the English version. Project was donated by the city of Warsaw. With head in the clouds is an outdoor play and audiobook that exists delicately in public space changing it completely. Destroys? Rather builds, shakes and gives joy at the same time. It is a tourist attraction and both artistic and spiritual experience as well. It is a lazy turism. A comfortable levitation with head in the cloud, that tells you about the real and possible ... Five people can take part in a journey at the same time. They put their heads in the clouds, become actors and perform for 21 minutes. After that another group can start a travel with head in the clouds. The performance uses time and space to create an illusion. A few minutes walk is an oc

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