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Theatre in the life of Karol Wojtyła

Before Karol Wojtyła decided to become a priest he wanted to devote his life to theatre. During the war he acted in Teatr Rapsodyczny. Then he wrote several dramas.

When the pope visited his hometown: Wadowice in 1999, he recited several lines of Haimon's part in "Antigone" in front of thousands of people. He played the role of Haimon as well as roles in other classics, Polish and foreign, when he was going to the comprehensive school in Wadowice. During the war he acted in Cracow in the Rapsodyczny Theatre, an underground group founded by his former teacher, Mieczysław Kotlarczyk. Karol Wojtyła worked on the model of this theatre where the basic means of expression were words. After the war, when he became a priest, he still supported Teatr Rapsodyczny, wrote reviews and defended the group until the theatre was closed by the communists in 1967. Karol Wojtyła was also a dramatist. He wrote his first dramas: "Job" and "Jeremy" in 1940 inspired by the experiences of the war. "Job" ("Hiob") refers to the problem of suffering and "Jeremy" ("Jeremiasz") is a national drama. However, the pope's best known dramas are "Our Gods Brother" ("Brat naszeg

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