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Karol - The Man who Became Pope

Despite earlier news agency reports, Italian producers have not changed the date and place of the premier of a two part film on the subject of Karol Wojtyła's youth. It will take place in the Vatican Aula of Paul VI, six days after the Pope's funeral. Television broadcasts on Chanale 5 have been planned for the 18th and 19th of April. TVN, which has aquired broadcasting rights for the Polish emission, will broadcast both parts of the film not long after their Italian premier.

"Karol - the Man who became Pope" will also find its' way into Italian schools. "It shall be a present from the film's creators," said producer Pietro Valsecci. He also announced to the Italian press that shooting will begin this summer for a continuation of "Karol." Ultimately, a tale of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II will be made. The starring role will be played by Piotr Adamczyk. The young actor, known for his starring role in "Chopin: A Longing for Love," has been concentrating over the past few months solely on his role as the Pope. He took the death of the Holy Father greatly to heart, and now he feels a renewed sense of the responsibility he took upon himself along with the role. In Autum of last year, upon completing the shooting in Krakow, he said that his greatet desire was to portray the role in such a way as to infuse it with an element of the spirit and charisma that does justice to a future Pope. Grażyna Szapołowska, who played the wife of Governor Hans Frank, i

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Karol - człowiek który został papieżem"


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