29.09.2005 Wersja do druku

'Casting' a smash in Italy

Waves of applause followed waves of good cheer upon the prsentation of Marianna Dembińska's short comedy "Casting" at the Quirinio Theater in Rome.

She recieved second place during the theatrical competitions held under the title "Actors in search of authors." The competition, organized for the last 20 years, is meant to promote both playwrights and the executors of plays. In the past, future stars of Italian theater had their debutes here, amongst them Luca Barbareschi or Sergio Castellito. This year, over 200 works from Italy and 150 from overseas were submitted. "Casting" was seen as having a big chance and being awarded first prize. Over one third of the public voted for Dembińska's comedy. It also found extensive support amongst the jury of theater critics and dramatic authors. "I owe a lot to my friend, the actor Edoardo Rossi," said Marianna Dembińska. "He convinced me to enter the competition and write 'Casting.' He also played the male role. "I knew we had something when the audience kept laughing and exhibiting good cheer. They were quite amused by the presentation of Italian habits seen through the perspec

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