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Applied Gardzienice

Out of the idea of the Gardzienice Kosmos, out of the experiences of having given seminatrs in different part sof the world, out of multi-year work with students in his own Academy of Applied Theater, out of a combination of the temperament o fan artist with the ambition of a reasearcher comes the newest form created by Włodzimierz Staniewski, chich is a cross between a theatrical essay and an academic lecture, Wites Wojciech Dudzik in Dialogue.

Włodzimierz Staniewski is known for bring to life new artistic phenomena. The fact that a new theater was founded in 1977, which was not called a theater but rather a Center of Applied Theater was one such phenomena - suggesting that the activities of Gardzienice will not be limited to the production of plays. Over the course of the next thirty years, the Center made only six plays, which is probably a world record insofar as the proportion of plays prepared to the time that a theater has existed goes. Another novelty was the discovery of a headquarters for the artists that was far away from big cities and out in the country side, "close to nature," as the founder of Gardzienice wrote in his manifesto. Another novelty was taking theater to the people and out into the world, rather than passively waiting for an audience to show up. The form of Staniewski's plays also turned out to be completely new; rooted in difference geographical and chronological traditions that folk theater had no

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Tytuł oryginalny

Praktykowanie Gardzienic


Materiał nadesłany

Dialog nr 5/2007


Wojciech Dudzik