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"A sweet tooth for Song and Music:" The Pope's "Polish Sin"

The late Pope John Paul II once remarked of himself: "I have a sweet tooth for song and music. This is my Polish sin." Apparently his countrymen are not too zealous about following the Pope on this point, as the postponement of the comedy "The Holy Father's Skis" serves to demonstrate.

"The Holy Father's Skis," a play taken off of the "Teatr Narodowy" repertoire following the death of the Pope, will most likely resume in the coming theater season, according to information passed on from Theater director Jan Englert to the Polish Press Agency (PAP). The play will not feature in the rerpertoire for the remainder of this season. "The Holy Father's Skis" premiered in November of last year. The play was based upon the work of Jerzy Pilch. It begins at the moment when a group of citizens from the "Granatowe" mountains learn of the possibility that the Holy Father will be visiting their city. The script speaks to the comportment of the Polish people towards the Pope; "About people in small towns, seaking out that white helicopter in the sky, whose coming will change their lives, make them better, wiser, more beautiful. There is, of course, just as much comedy, absurdity and plain silliness as high mindnedness in all this," said Piotr Cieplak, the play's director. E

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